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  • We strive to earn your trust every day by always placing your interests ahead of our own and doing exactly what we say we will do
  • Your assets are safely held by a third party custodian with dual confirmations and statements
  • We operate transparently so you always know what to expect, whether it be our fee structure or how we manage investments 


Commitment To A Proven Approach


  • Our values-based process focuses on your unique circumstances providing customized strategies that fit your situation
  • We tend towards a patient, conservative approach, but we are always on the prowl for opportunities that benefit you
  • Our small size, big-competence approach ensures you receive the personalized attention you deserve


Why Us? Experience.


  • Our senior level advisors have over 40 years experience in the financial services industry
  • We serve clients with varying degrees of wealth who appreciate working with thoughtful, competent advisors
  • Our credentials and professional affiliations give credence to our education, training, and adherence to the highest ethical standards
  • We are a fee-only firm. 

Our Services

Wealth Management


Wealth management brings your financial blueprint to life and ensures you stay on track to a secure financial future. Our most comprehensive service takes the pressure off your shoulders.

Investment Advisory Service


 If you do not need or desire comprehensive financial and investment planning, we offer a proactive investment advisory service to manage your portfolio for growth, future or current income, and wealth preservation. 

Consultation Services


 Do you need help navigating around a specific financial issue or are you unsure if a financial advisor is something you can afford? We are still here to help.

Comprehensive Financial Plan


The backbone of your financial success! Together we determine your financial goals, set a plan to achieve those goals, and then implement the chosen strategies and periodically adjust in response to current circumstances. 

Quarterly Market Reviews


In the current market environment timely information eliminates headline shock and helps you stay the course. 

Why Clients Choose Us


 When you choose a financial advisor, you take a giant leap of faith.  You place your financial welfare in the advisor's hands and hope you made the right decision. We're confident the right decision is us. 

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It is never too early to get started on your investment plans. It's never too late to make a change. Tell us more about your goals, and we will form a plan to achieve them.

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